The Glasgow Urban Design Panel

The Glasgow Urban Design Panel is jointly coordinated and chaired by City Design, Glasgow City Council and the GIA. The panel members are drawn from a range of organisations which seek to provide special expertise to the Design Review process. The GIA undertakes the role of secretariat for the Panel and regularly invite appropriately qualified member architects to review projects and report on the
panel findings.



A Glasgow Urban Design Panel (GUDP) Design Review provides constructive advice to developers, design teams and planners, as part of the pre-application consultation process, and in line with council policy and guidance. The GUDP seeks to support built environment professionals in creating the very best design solutions for the city and its people. 


Glasgow City Council (GCC) host and facilitate the ‘independent design review Panel for the city’ and select projects for voluntary review; while the Glasgow Institute of Architects (GIA) volunteer as the lead of the secretariat and together with the Glasgow Civic Forum (GCF) invite building experts to review projects and report on the Panel findings. 

The GUDP was originally founded to discuss city conservation by the Glasgow Tree lovers Society; the New Glasgow Society; and the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland. Latterly the Panel established representation of both the city’s professional bodies and amenity groups, resulting in the comprehensive and non-statutory Design Review process we have today. The GUDP Design Reviews take cognisance of CABE’s Design Review, Principles and Practice (2009) to be independent, expert, multidisciplinary, accountable, transparent, proportionate, timely, advisory, objective and accessible. 

The GIA president has historically taken up the role of the Vice Chair and promoted the Panel and a community approach to placemaking and design. The launch of the new guidance is to give clarity to the GUDP process, promote engagement with the Panel and to further engage the architects of the city, with the design of the city. 

Presenting projects to the GUDP is voluntary and we actively encourage the architect, the client and developer to attend Panel Reviews. Dates for the six weekly Panel sessions will be issued at the end of the calendar year, and will include a date for the GUDP Annual Review. A limited number of additional specialised reviews will be arranged, if required, exclusively for locally significant projects of particular relevance. 

Presenting to the Panel

Projects are selected in principle based on the quantum of development, the impact on the city, the public interest and to promote quality in design. 

Due to the limited number of Panel sessions it is not always possible to review all the projects that could benefit from pre-application Panel feedback, due to project or planning timescales. 

There are three main types of project brought before the Panel: 

1. A Pre-application Design Review to offer informal advice to the applicant; 

2. A Planning Application Design Review to offer informal advice to the applicant and to the Case Officer for a submitted proposal pending approval; 

3. A Policy or Development Framework Review, presented by the city for comment. 

Each type of project has a specific Design Review format. 

Information Pack 

GCC will request an Information Pack, which will be forwarded to the Panel Members selected to review your project. All pre-application information is treated as confidential. The information pack will be requested 10 days in advance of the design review and should provide a project summary illustrating the key design issues, to include: the proposed site plan, site analysis, context, floor plans, sections, elevations, and conservation area status as necessary. 

For live application proposals a full summary of the project information providing a general brief description, name of client, consultants, key players and consultees, the site location or address, estimated project cost and procurement method, and size of site will be required. 

In addition, other relevant material such as three dimensional images and views alongside a concise narrative should also be submitted. Please note the Council cannot accept emails greater than 10MB in size therefore Presenters should allow for delivery of CD copies of the information, if it is not possible to email it 10 days in advance of the Design Review. 


A concise PowerPoint presentation will be requested 3 days in advance of the Design Review setting out the design rational for the project including its concept and development, in an appropriate timescale. The project specific items cited by the Case Officer and/ or the limitations of the review criteria, which should be compiled to be delivered within the allocated presentation timeslot. 

Please note that for most presentations, this will be 20 minutes. 

The Design Review process is explained in the ‘What to expect on the day’ diagram (p.7). The Presenter will be requested to remain for the duration of the Panel’s discussion to hear the views expressed, however, the Presenter should engage with the Case Officer post review before embarking on any design changes. 

Design Statement 

The Presenter should consider, reflect and take into account the advice provided at the Design Review, and a statement provided with the planning application intimating how the advice provided by the Panel has been addressed. 

Presenter Deliverables

Who is on the Panel

Permanent Panellists 

Glasgow City Council - GCC 
Glasgow Institute of Architects - GIA 
Glasgow Civic Forum - GCF 
Historic Environment Scotland - HES 
Landscape Institute - LI 
Royal Town Planning Institute - RTPI 
Mackintosh School of Architecture - MSA 
University of Strathclyde School of Architecture - USSA

Project-specific Panellists 

Police Scotland - PS 
University of Glasgow - UoG 
Pollokshields Heritage - PH 
Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland - AHSS 
Alexander Thomson Society - ATS 
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society - CRMS 
Friends of Glasgow West - FGW 
New Glasgow Society - NGS 
Strathbungo Society - SBS

Guest Panellists 

Consultant with specific expertise - C 
Developer - D 
Local Interest Group - LIG 
Operators - O 

become a GIA Panelist

If you are interested in becoming a representative for the GIA on the GUDP, please send a concise CV including biography, photo, project type experience and a brief summary on why you would like to join the panel to

The GIA will approach approved representatives when we know the type of project being reviewed at each panel session. The GIA reserve the right to select which representatives speak on our behalf depending on the needs of each Design Review Panel.

2019 Panel Dates below:

February              21st         
April                      4th
May                       16th
June                      27th
August                  8th
September         19th
October               31st
December           12th        
(Annual Review)