Alexander Thomson Scholarship

In addition to being one of the two great architects of international stature produced by Victorian Glasgow, Alexander “Greek” Thomson was a founding member and onetime President of the Glasgow Institute of Architects. Known for his idiosyncratic interpretation of Greek and Egyptian detailing his remaining built works stands as a testament Victorian confidence and ingenuity.

On his death in 1875 his contemporaries resolved to raise sufficient funds to erect or establish a suitable memorial to their late colleague. The result of which was the establishment of a Travelling Scholarship to be awarded every three years for the furtherance of the study of ancient classic architecture. In 1890 the scholarship was won by none other than Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who used his scholarship on a sketching tour of Europe.

The Glasgow Institute of Architects, as Trustees for the Alexander Thomson Scholarship, are delighted to continue the historic tradition of awarding The Alexander Thomson Travelling Scholarship over 140 years after its inception.

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Alexander Thomson Scholarship 2018

The Glasgow Institute of Architects as trustees for the Alexander Thomson Scholarship invited entries from students of architecture and emerging architects for their interpretation of what the future holds for Glasgow - Glasgow 2168.

The results can be viewed via the link below:

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Alexander Thomson Scholarship 2017

The Glasgow Institute of Architects as trustees for the Alexander Thomson Scholarship invited entries from students of architecture and architects under 30 for a persuasive essay on the theme of ‘legacy’ accompanied by one image to illustrate  the entrants argument. The ‘one-off’ scholarship was held to mark the bi-centenary of Thomson’s birth.

The winning essay was published in the RIAS Quarterly, and a selection of essays were published by the GIA in a book, 'Legacy; A Collection of essays for the Alexander 'Greek' Thomson Scholarship 2017' available for purchase at GIA events and online, at the link below.

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Alexander Thomson Scholarship 2015

The Alexander Thomson Scholarship 2015 invited entrants to create an A5 sized (portrait only) drawing on the theme of ‘Detail’. Any non-digital medium is accepted (ink, pencil, watercolour, oil etc.) and any method of representation was accepted (abstract, on-location sketch, measured, technical etc.)

An exhibition of all entries was held at the Lighthouse in 2016, to coincide with the 2016 Architecture Festival.


Alexander Thomson Scholarship 2012

The Alexander Thomson Scholarship 2012 called for the design of a contemporary installation that breathes new life into the parlour at Holmwood House - an Alexander 'Greek' Thomson villa. Entrants were invited to use an open and unrestricted palette that could include sound, light, texture, colour and smell. 

The GIA are currently working to realise the winning entry - the Paper Parlour - with a 1:1 sample having been constructed to raise interest in the project.