GIA Student Awards 2018

The GIA Student Awards 2018 will be held at ‘House for an Art Lover’ on 16/10/2018, with the awards being attended by students of both Strathclyde University and the Mackintosh School of Architecture.



The 2018 GIA Student Award Winners are:


First Year

TL Watson Prize: Paul Rietums

Commendations: Maeve Corke Butters, Linda Ledina, Finn Buchanan

Second Year

Award: Ioulia Voulgari

Commendations: Jatiphak Boonmun, Charles Dunn, Innes Yeoman

Third Year

Award: Nichole Ann Samson

Commendations: William McRoberts

 Fourth Year

Award: Alexander Mackison

Commendations: Katherine Freeman, Lee Kennedy, Eugenio Cappuccio

Fifth Year

Award (GIA Final Year Parchment): Alex Kah Zung Kong

Commendations: Calum Ward, James Dalley, Taylor Steel



First Year

TL Watson Prize: Emma McMaster

Commendations: Catherine Campbell, Fiona Wylie, Laura Krumina

Second Year

Award: Artemis Rovoli

Commendations: Terrence Ho, Iga Swiercz, Mary Leak

Third Year

Award: Tristan Gougeon

Commendations: Cailin Broatch

Fourth Year

Award: Law Yik Lung

Commendations: Lara Bandoni, Massimo Sannino, Natalia Malejka

Fifth Year

Award (GIA Final Year Parchment): Nada Shehab & Alastair Kent

Commendations: Elina Giannoulaki & Marina Konstantopoulou

Special Award for Outstanding Achievement

Year 1 Window Drawing Study of High Street