GIA Student Awards 2016

The GIA Student Awards 2016, sponsored by Ibstock, were held at ‘House for an Art Lover’ on 13/10/2017, with the awards attended by students of both Strathclyde University and the Mackintosh School of Architecture.



The 2016 GIA Student Award Winners are:


First Year

TL Watson Prize: Dan Sasaran

Commendations: Paul Sasaran, William McRoberts, Matt Gehberger

Second Year

Award: Alexander Vile

Commendations: Holly Eastoe, Yangwoo Lee, Grace Schofield

Third Year

Award: Maelys Garreau

Commendations: Alexander Mackinson, Eugenio Cappuccio, William Letinov

 Fourth Year

Award: Ewan Hooper

Commendations: Roisin Tinneny, Teresa Erskine, Jerome Wren

Fifth Year

Award (GIA Final Year Parchment): Laura Rudokaite

Commendations: Jung Li Foo, Rachel Tan, Rory More



First Year

TL Watson Prize: Daniel Kelly

Commendations: Chris McGowan, Beth Kytzia, Caillin Broatch 

Second Year

Award: Vasilis Appios

Commendations: Ryan Reid, Guillermo Sidrach, Charlotte Sorenson

Third Year

Award: Francesca Giulia Peter

Commendations: Panayiotis Panayiotou, Natalia Malejka, Veronika Desova, Joanna Zybul

Fourth Year

Award: Marius-Bogdan Dragan

Commendations: Annabelle Brading, Marc Hillis, Gina Colley

Fifth Year

Award (GIA Final Year Parchment): Lewis Grant

Commendations: Andrew Thomson & Lewis McNeill, Ryan Canning & Gabriella Mill

Special Award for Outstanding Achievement

Paul Pointon (Year 5, University of Strathclyde)


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