Cameronwebster Architects

Cove Park

CWA were commissioned in 2009 to undertake a feasibility study for a proposed new centre for Cove Park. Cove Park supports contemporary artistic practice in all the art forms whether performing or visual arts, crafts, literature or music. The interdisciplinary programs, for both individuals and collaborating groups, offers time, space and freedom to make new work and to find new ways of working.The main focus of the brief given to CWA, was to create a warm, inclusive place where visitors on residences could meet and come together over a meal or a cup of tea. The flexibility of the communal spaces was an important element of the requirements to support the range of practices, whilst also allowing social interaction. The new centre for Cove Park was completed at the end of the summer 2016 and has been occupied by visiting artists since then.The building takes full advantage of the quality of views and the light, creating a series of special places within two simple linked buildings, and forming a landscaped courtyard as the point of arrival.The key intent was to use the architecture to capture the context and allow visiting artists the flexibility to develop their work. An important space within the centre is the kitchen and dining area, which allows an informality to enable visitors to meet and discuss ideas over a communal dining experience.The palette of materials are simple and deliberately unfussy, to allow the landscape to be the eye-catching spectacle.



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