Additional Info


• ESSAY: 1000-1500 words in .doc format.
SUMMARY STATEMENT: Please also include a short description of your essay, max. 100 words, as a separate .doc file.
• IMAGE: 1 image in JPEG format at 300 DPI, to fit on an A4 page. The image can be a drawing, photograph or another graphic format of your choice. The image should be appropriately referenced.
ENTRY FORM: The entry form must be complete and correct to the best of your knowledge.

Submissions are anonymous. Please register via the link below to receive your unique reference number. The unique reference number will make up part of each of the file names and should appear in the lower right corner of each page / image submitted. All files are to be clearly labelled, with your unique reference number and the submission heading as described above, for example:
123456ABC-Essay or 123456ABC-SummaryStatement, etc.


The competition entries will be registered and processed by the GIA Education Committee. The competition will be judged anonymously by the judging panel. The judging panel will consist of:
• Mark Baines (Chair of the Alexander Thomson Society)
• Tim Gray (President of the Glasgow Institute of Architects)
• Fiona Sinclair (Guest Judge)
• Jonathan Charley (Guest Judge)


A sum of £1000 will be awarded to a single winning entrant at the discretion of the judges. The winner will also have their entry published and will be invited to speak about their submission at the GIA’s ‘paper_CUT’ event in September 2017. Results will be announced on the GIA website on Friday 1st September 2017.


• Competition Launch: Tuesday 30th May 2017
• Submission deadline: Tuesday 1st August 2017
• Results announced: Friday 1st September 2017