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  • Mast deliver 14 elderly amenity homes in Stevenston

    Feb 6 on Urban Realm

    Mast Architects have delivered a sensitive residential infill on a tight site sandwiched between a Victorian villa and terraced housing in Stevenston, North Ayrshire... more

  • Stewart Milne detail Pacific Quay vision

    Feb 6 on Urban Realm

    A collaborative venture between Stewart Milne Homes, Haus Collective and Scottish Enterprise to transform a former dock on the south bank of the Clyde into a residential community has signaled the onward march of regeneration to the south bank of the Rive... more

  • Egyptian Halls mews project touted to break deadlock

    Feb 6 on Urban Realm

    Egyptian Halls owner Derek Souter has revived plans to carve out a ‘Thomson-Mackintosh Mews’ route connecting the A listed landmark directly with the nearby Lighthouse -by way of a new build on the NCP car park on Mitchell Street... more